We aim to create a space where people from Peninsula City Church and our local community are welcomed, refreshed and have opportunity to serve others. A place where people can experience the love of Jesus in a practical and profound way through the gift of hospitality.





We will create a working, safe and fit for purpose hospitality space, that facilitates preparation, storage and serving of all hospitality ministry needs. A space that is a platform for connection and relationship growth, as well as enhancing our building for future generations use.


We will increase the physical size of the kitchen, introduce a safer and more practical layout, new appliances to increase output capacity, appropriate food storage and a designated area for our coffee team.


This project will renovate our Auxiliary Room to generate a fully functional space that is ideal for small gatherings and groups of people.









Will I be followed up about my pledge?

Your pledge is between you and God. It simply gives us an indication of our church’s intended giving amounts, which helps us in our financial planning.


How do I give?

You can give in any of our regular offering collections by filling out a giving slip and advising that the money is for our Building Project. You can also give by phone, EFT or by donating during our Offering Day on Sunday 20th May 2018.


Can I re-direct some of my regular giving to this project?

Our current regular giving (tithes and offerings) help to resource the ministries of our church. In order to sustain these ministries, we ask that donations to this project be in addition to your regular giving. We do not want any other area of ministry to have to reduce their resources in favour of this project being completed.   


Will this affect our local community and overseas missional ministry?

Our commitment and support to our local and global ministries is strong. We will therefore not be reducing any of our current resources to these ministries throughout this Building Project.


What is Peninsula City Church’s financial situation?

Through the generous giving of our congregation and the good financial management of our leadership team, Peninsula City Church is currently debt free with some savings in the bank.


Why don’t we just borrow the required amount of money needed to complete this project?

Taking a bank loan is possible, but would cost us more money due to interest.  This project is also a great opportunity to bring our church community together as we give in unity.


When will construction begin?

Renovations to the Auxiliary Room will begin in July 2018, with the Kitchen project commencing in September 2018.



If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us at the church at 03 5971 2669 or at