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Anyone is welcome to join our Bible School and start to learn more about the bible and Christian Theology.  


Finding Meaning in My Pain - The Book of Job
Term 4

Aim of the Subject

This Unit of Study ‘Finding God in My Pain’ will survey the book of Job. Do you find this book sad or hard to read and understand?  How would you explain its benefits to someone who is in the midst of pain, trials or has a negative view of the book?  It is an amazingly practical book, which helps those in the midst of suffering to look into and beyond their pain to find God.

This Unit of Study will use a method of imparting information, class discussion, some practical application and response. The aim of this Unit of Study is to explain ‘Finding God in My Pain,’ through offering a biblical outlook. One of PenCC’s primary goals is to “Develop a pathway for discipling, connecting and equipping for daily life and understanding the Truth about God”. Ask yourself if you are fluent in reading, studying and explaining the Bible - for both personal discovery and to help others discover the precious teaching within the Word of God. 


This journey of discovery towards understanding growing close to Christ will run from 7.30-9 pm over 6 Wednesdays starting on Wednesday 18th October 2017.  The unit cost will be $5.00 per week a total of $30.00 for the Unit.

Come with an eager heart and mind ready to discover divine nuggets. You will need your Bible, something to write with and something to write on, or you iPad or laptop.


The bible school is held at;

Care House, Peninsula City Church
252 Frankston Flinders Rd, Frankston  

 For further enquiries, please feel free to contact us on 03 5971 2669 or email us. 



The PenCC Mission Statement:

To be able to “actively engage in reaching and renewing people through the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ to see them equipped, empowered, and released as reproducing disciples.”