Connect Groups

Connect groups are the heartbeat of church life!  Here at Peninsula City Church we encourage every believer to be a part of a connect group.

A healthy church gathers together in lots of different ways.  We gather to celebrate together in our weekend services where we worship as a body and are inspired by the word of God. 
However, it is often difficult for people to form meaningful connections in this larger environment.  That is why it is so vital for you to be a part of a connect group.

Connect groups are a great way for you to get to know other people and build lasting relationships.  They are the perfect place to form friendships, be encouraged, develop spiritual gifts and have a great time with like-minded people.  As the church gets bigger, we need to make sure that we are also getting smaller - meeting regularly in connect groups.

For more information about a group near you, phone us on 03 5971 2669
 or email us and we will help you get connected!