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Peninsula City Church is located on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula approximately 60kms south of Melbourne.  The region covers a vast array of lifestyle options and is a favourite holiday destination for Victorians, with the local population swelling during most vacation seasons.  The Mornington Peninsula attracts people to its region as long term residents because of its fabulous lifestyle for people from every strata.  Our Church community is therefore as diverse as the municipality in which we're located with representation of all age groups, nationalities, family groups and employment status.  Because of this broad and diverse group of people we've developed into a church community that strives to meet the needs of each of these specific groups of people.  We believe that the Church is a place that builds community and should provide a place where every person is valued, regardless of their journey in life, and where each person can find a place to belong.

Our passion is to be an effective and active example of what the Church is called to be within the community in which we live.  We want to make Peninsula City Church a place where everyone can connect, relate, find friends, support and encouragement.  You'll find us expressing this passion through every area of our Church's activities - from Peninsula Christian Care, our community house project that produces hundreds of meals per week and cares for over 150 family groups in our immediate neighbourhood with practical help and support - to groups that cater for children, youth, young adults, seniors, families and singles.  "Reaching & Renewing People" is our catchcry and all of this takes place from Monday to Saturday!

On Sundays - We love music and so if you walk into one of our church services you'll receive a feast of excellent music from our very talented team of musicians and singers, many of whom are professionals in their field.  Our church services would be clasified as contemporary and this is seen from the style of music we present, the inclusiveness of our language, the way we present our sermons and the relaxed atmosphere.

You may not realise this but God made you his priority.  In fact you're the pinnacle of everything He created.  And as Christians we're given the charge to reach out and give a message of hope, often in situations of hopelessness, that God hasn't changed his mind about the importance you hold in His eyes. He loves you - He proved it as Jesus Christ.

We love what we do - "Reaching & Renewing People", we love who we do it for - "Jesus Christ", and we love seeing the results - "people discovering and living fulfilled lives". 

Peninsula City Church is a member of the Crosslink Christian Network.  For more information about the Network visit their website at



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